Avadhoot Gandhi: Religious and Folk Music of Maharashtra

Featured here is Avadhoot Gandhi from Alandi, Maharashtra. He is accompanied by Bhavarth Dekhane & Vijay Sonavne (vocals), Haridas Shinde (dimdi, sambal, vocals), Abhay Nalge (harmonium), Rajesh Baghe (pakhawaj), and Pandurang Pawar (tabla).

Saint Dnyaneshwar was a 13th century Hindu saint whose final resting place or samadhi is located in Alandi near Pune. Alandi rests on the banks of the Indrayani river, and is famous for its various pilgrimage sites related to Saint Dnyaneshwar. Dnyaneshwar is a canonical figure of Maharashtra, and his poetic, philosophical, and religious commentaries are seen as significant contributions to Marathi literature. Dnyaneshwar was also a major voice of the Bhakti movement.

The musicians featured in this video all belong to Alandi. They are performing according to the saint-literature tradition of Dnyaneshwar taught to them by the elders of the temple singing community.

The musicians were featured at Baajaa Gaajaa 2012. Produced by Underscore Records with support from the Ford Foundation.

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