Contested Spaces at the University of Pennsylvania

contested_spaces_posterAs the role of contested spaces in the social, economic and political life of modern South Asia continues to transform vis-a-vis the expansion of global capitalism, (neo)liberal economic policies, the rise of historically marginalized political movements, transformations of the Indian economy and media, and the expansion of local and transnational organizations, this conference brings together scholars engaged in re-theorizing space in an increasingly globalized region to discuss developments in the field as well as to chart future avenues for research. Through a lens of everyday contestation and negotiation, the workshop proposes to explore new perspectives on contemporary public life in India and, in particular, how routine contests over access to space transform popular imaginations of city as well as the role of civic bodies, neighborhood welfare associations, slum redevelopment programs, political movements and similar organizations in these contests. 

Organized by Michael Collins & Sudev J Sheth (Graduate Students, University of Pennsylvania)

For more information, visit the Contested Spaces site.