Over the years, I have been collecting original audio recordings that have artistic, cultural, and historical value. I will be uploading these files here. If you come across any file that is objectionable, please inform me and I will remove them. My intention is not to infringe on copyright, but to share information that may otherwise be lost.d

Music from Rajasthan – Kurjan by Langa Musicians (1972)
Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Raag Bhairav
Raag Bhopali

Raag Gawati

Dari Song (Darbari)
Dari Ghazal
Yaad Piya ki Aaye
Raag Bihag
Raag Shivaranjani
Anindo & Anubrata Chatterjee, Tabla Solo with Ramesh Mishra
Kermatullah Khan, Tabla Solo in Calcutta (May 1971)
Inam Ali Khan, Tabla Solo in Bombay (October 1971)
Habibuddin Khan, Tabla Solo in Calcutta (January 1956)
Wajid Hussain Khan, Tabla Solo in Lucknow (April 1971)
Latif Ahmed Khan, Tabla Solo
Raja Chhatrapati, Pakhawaj Solo {Clip 1, Clip 2}
Amir Khan, Vocal {Interview, Raag Nand}
Munawar Ali Khan, Vocal {Vilambit, Tarana}

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